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[Application for absence/make-up course request]

School bus support ①
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Make-up course conditions and rules

*Please note that from November 2023, you will no longer be able to use the transfer amount, which was previously a special exception due to the coronavirus. ​(Regarding absences from the previous month or earlier, the right to make up reservations will be forfeited.)

ー Possible period for transfer course -

      last monthCurrent monthnext month

- Maximum number of transfers -

      Number of classes per week

 example:Once a weekFor commuting to school,Once a month”/ twice a weekFor commuting to school,Month 2times


(If you report for kindergarten/school events, etc. more than one month in advance, and if the number of times exceeds the upper limit due to infectious disease, hospitalization, etc., we will consider it. Please contact us. .)

- Application deadline (transfer possible) -

All classes:  2 days ago 17:00(Reason other than poor physical condition)

     (Example: No lessons on Thursday → until 17:00 on Tuesday)

Morning class: 8:00 on the day(Unwell health/unavoidable circumstances)

Afternoon class: 12:00 on the day(Unwell health/unavoidable circumstances)

    (If your child did not feel well the day before and there is a possibility that they will be absent from the lesson the next day, we would appreciate it if you could let us know.)vinegar. )


*Please note that if you are absent on the event day (Performance Day, Halloween, Christmas), you will not be able to make up the reservation.

*Transfers can only be used while enrolled.

・Request for transfer course

- Application deadline ー

  desired date 2 days ago (Excluding holidays)


​ *If you wish to use the escorted transportation, please take time to confirm and make arrangements.It may take some timeTherefore, please apply as soon as possible.

・Make-up course

①Regular lesson (15:00~18:00)

 The content of the lesson will vary depending on the day even if you take a substitute class.

 The content of the lesson in case of absence is as follows:This will be done at home.

②Private lessons (Make-up class 30 minutes)

​ As a supplementary lectureYou will be able to have the same lessons (especially the text) as you did in your absence.

 You can also choose the content, overcome your weaknesses, and prepare for the Eiken test.

Next Seasonal School Discount

 At the next seasonal school,You can participate at a discounted price.

  *If you do not use it at the next seasonal school, you will lose your rights.extinctionPlease note that this may result in

お振替利用での プライベートレッスン


① 月曜日 14:00-16:00 / 18:00-19:00

② 金曜日 14:00-16:00 / 18:00-19:00

​(2024/5/24 更新)

※ 上記時間帯は変更になる可能性がございます。


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