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   Academy Terms   ​       



To enroll in Ricca whizz-kids academy (hereinafter referred to as this academy),Payment of admission fee and acceptance of admission applicationIt will be confirmed by (submitting the form).

At the time of admission, you will be required to pay the prescribed admission fee.The admission fee you have paid will not be refunded.

《Various applications》

Various applications can be found on the homepage"Only for Students'parentsdedicated) page”Thank you.

We will inform you of the password in a timely manner, so please do not reveal it to others.


《Notice from Academy》

of the homepage"Only for Student's parents page"will be uploaded at You can check it in due time.

《Distribution of lesson reports》

the current,LINE VoomWe are delivering at.Only students on each day of the weekDelivered. (Example: If the class day is Monday, there will be a delivery even if you are absent on Monday, but there will be no delivery if you take a make-up class on another day of the week.)


《Tuition fee payment》

Payment of tuition feesAnnual lump sum payment, 2 installments, 4 installments, (monthly payment). To change the number of payments, please apply from the form by the 20th of the month before the payment month.


Delivery date isAn invoice will be issued at the beginning of the payment month, so within one week from the date of issuebecomes. Please pay by bank transfer, PayPay, or cash. (If the payment deadline has passed, you will be charged a late fee.)


Tuition fees are subject to change due to price increases.

Please contact us if you wish to pay monthly or withdraw due to circumstances.


《Expenses other than tuition》

Facility management fee, snack fee depending on class3 months lump sumWe are receiving it at. Please pay together with the tuition fee.

Please refer to the attached “List of Tuition Fees” for the amount. (Please note that refunds will not be given even if you reduce the number of classes or drop out of school.) 

Facility management fee includes insurance.


《Notice of absence and lateness》

Please inform us of your absence as soon as you know your schedule.LINEAt “"Absence report",
“① Absence date: ”, “② Reason: ”
"of3 pointsPlease fill in and send.


If your child is absent for reasons other than poor health,Until 17:00 two days beforePlease let us know the reason (e.g. kindergarten/school event, personal business, homecoming, etc.).


If your child is absent the day before or on the day due to unavoidable circumstances such as poor physical condition,
Morning class → 8:00 on the day Afternoon class → 12:00 on the dayPlease contact us.
(If your child is not feeling well the day before and there is a possibility that you will be absent from the next day's lesson, we would appreciate it if you could let us know.)
If you are suddenly absent on the day of the event, please contact us by phone or LINE as soon as possible.


Please note that if you contact us after the set time, we will not be able to make a transfer.  


Considering the number of members and the number of people on the day, we decide the instructor placement, activities and timetable, and prepare worksheets and teaching materials for each person, so please understand and cooperate with the rules regarding absences. Thank you very much.


from the start of the lesson15 minutes or more lateIf you wish to do so, please let the academy know.


《Make-up attendance in case of absence》

If you notify us of your absence by the scheduled time (specifying the reason), you can make up the lesson.
absentPrevious month, current month, next monthPlease use it at


If you wish to useRequest a substitute course from the formPlease send


How many times can you transfernumber of lessons per weekbecomes. (If you take classes twice a week, you can change up to twice a month, and if you are not feeling well, you can change up to four times.)

If you have any questions, please contact us.


《Day of the week and number of lessons changed》

To change the day of the week or the number of lessons per week, please use the application form.Last day of the month before lastPlease apply by
(In the case of a decrease in the number of visits, please note that a cancellation fee will be charged if the request is made by the end of the month before the end of the month (by the end of February in the case of a change from April).

There are also relationships such as the child's progress and situation, class member matching, (if you use the attendant pick-up support, the route will be reorganized), so we would appreciate it if you could consult us as soon as possible even at the stage of consideration.


《Leave of absence/Return to school》

month of leave of absenceLast day of the month before lastPlease apply using the application form by (Example: If you are taking a leave of absence from July, please apply by the end of May.) Period of leave of absenceup to 2 monthsis.

Also, during the period of leave of absence,monthly paymentof tuitionAmount equivalent to 20%will be charged.

After 2 months, the student will be expelled from the register, and the admission fee will be charged again when returning to school. In addition, the tuition fees during the leave of absence will be applied when returning to school. Please contact us for details as the response may differ depending on the circumstances.



In the month in which you wish to graduate or withdraw,Last day of the month before lastPlease apply using the form by (Example: If you wish to graduate or withdraw at the end of March, the deadline is the end of January.) You will be expelled from the register in a minimum of two months (the end of the month after next) from the date of application.


If you have already paid the tuition fee for the month you wish to withdraw from the school, the refund due to graduation/withdrawal will be calculated based on the monthly tuition fee amount. I will proceed with the refund procedure. After the transfer refund, we will issue a refund statement. We cannot refund the facility management fee, snack fee, etc. that you have already paid. In addition, if you are absent for the entire month two months after your request, we will charge an amount equivalent to 20% of the monthly tuition fee as a cancellation fee. (For the current month and the following month of the request, we will charge the amount equivalent to 100% of the tuition fee even if you are absent from all classes.)



Please be sure to write your name on all belongings (name only, alphabet).

Wearing Academy T-shirts and sweatshirtsand the luggageRicca bagPlease bring it in


Please note that the academy will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by bringing in unnamed items or items that are not necessary for the lesson.

For more information on what to bring, please refer to the separate “What to bring” sheet.


《Accompanying transportation support》

If you wish to use it, please register for the first time from the registration form.

For more information"Guidance of attendant pick-up supportPlease refer to


《Responding to poor physical condition and injury》

We will not be able to accept your child if he/she has a fever or complains of poor physical condition when being picked up by the attendant pick-up support, or when the temperature is checked at the academy. Also, if you have a fever, feel unwell, or get injured during the lesson, we will contact you by LINE or by phone. Depending on the situation, please pick up as soon as possible. (We cannot send the child in a school car.) In serious cases, we may call an ambulance or contact the parent/guardian and take the child to the hospital under the escort of the staff. In the event of an emergency, we will call you based on the priority of your registered emergency contact information.  


《School closed》

Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, summer holidays (Obon), and designated days designated by the academywill be closed (school office closed).

For details on event dates and class holidays, seeYearly Calendar(annual calendar)"Please refer to.


《Temporary Cancellation / Temporary Cancellation》

In unavoidable circumstances, such as disasters, bad weather, or sudden illness of the teacher in charge, we may cancel the class temporarily. We will contact you via LINE as soon as possible regarding the temporary cancellation of classes. In addition, in the case of temporary cancellation of classes (school closure), we will make a transfer, but the date of making a transfer may be after the next month.  


《Contact window》 

Phone number: <office>03-6882-5685  

Basic office contact timeMon/Tue/Thu/Fri 10:00~17:50 Wed/Sat 9:30~13:00


(It may be difficult to respond to lessons, private lessons, pick-up support, etc. In addition, there may be cases such as purchasing teaching materials or going out to the government, so please contact us via LINE.)

​ Regarding inquiries, we will contact you within 24 hours of the opening day.


《Disaster response》

In the event of an earthquake, fire, or other disaster, we will evacuate to an evacuation site designated by Koto City. Regarding the situation, we will contact the registered emergency contact, so please pick up the child as soon as possible.

Evacuation site in case of fire → Nanyo Elementary School (Hiraku Elementary School after relocation), Kiba Park (evacuation site will be determined depending on the fire location)

Evacuation site in the event of an earthquake → Toyo Civic Center, Toyo Children's Support Center, Kiba Park (Use the civic center as a temporary evacuation site, and evacuate to Kiba Park if necessary.)

(Evacuation drills were held only by instructors until the previous year, but students will also participate this year.)



In the unlikely event that you are responsible for damages due to reasons attributable to you, the liability will be limited to one month's tuition fee. However, this does not apply if there is intentional or gross negligence on our part. (Damage liability insurance already subscribed)


"privacy protection"

At our academy, we strive to comply with the law regarding the personal information of students and parents. Please note that personal information such as your name and address will be used only for academy management and to inform you about various events.

Also, please note that photos taken during lessons and events may be posted on our website, etc. If you do not want to post your face, please let us know using the application form.  



From the perspective of personal information protection, when you take pictures of yourself during lessons and events, upload photos and videos distributed by the academy to SNS, and view and send them to others, please be careful not to show other students' images. Thank you for your consideration.  



If there are any changes or additions to the above content, we will promptly notify you on the "Only for Student's parents page" on our website. Please check it regularly.


Revised on April 1, 2023 


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