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At Ricca whizz-kids academy, classes are divided by individual level, not by age.

Instructors will discuss the monthly level check and the daily situation, and will be divided into a total of 7 classes.

​Recommended days of the week differ depending on the class.

​4 skills

Parents and instructors will share information about their child's progress at the academy, their proficiency, strengths and weaknesses, etc., and clarify future issues.  

Be bilingual in an environment where you can learn both Japanese and English at an age when your brain is developing. Familiarity with the universal language of English from an early age can greatly expand future possibilities. At this academy, we aim to improve communication skills to think and express in English, and to use English on a daily basis.

​ Classes are determined by proficiency (level). Depending on the activity, it may be further divided into groups by age. As much as possible, we will change the approach according to the individual level, individual speed, and individuality, and we will provide generous support because it is a small number of people.
We will also communicate with the family and the academy to share information about your child's health, interests, development, lessons, achievement levels, etc. If you wish, we will have an interview at the time of step-up.

A strong ally for parents who have circumstances such as work, pregnancy, childbirth, or a little far from home! Pick-up service to your home, kindergarten, nursery school, or elementary school.
* If you wish to pick up your child from kindergarten or nursery school, please ask for permission from the nursery school.
*We may not be able to meet your request. Please feel free to contact us

​Foreign instructors from various countries

Through international exchange, students develop a global mindset, come into contact with world cultures, and develop a broad perspective.

A Japanese bilingual teacher with overseas experience answers the children's question, "How should I say 〇〇 in English?" give peace of mind to

​We will respond as flexibly as possible to the children's appearance, interests, interests, and requests. Children absorb and grow the most when they themselves want to know and want to do something. Therefore, we actively incorporate themes and curricula drawn from children's interests.

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