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Image by Masaaki Komori

​Spring Camp 2024  Start accepting applications

3/26(Tue) 3/27(Wed) 3/28 (Thu) 3/29(Fri)

(Minimum number of participants: 5 people) *There is no transportation support.

8:30-9:30            early time set

9:30 - 14:30 Spring Camp

​Target age: 3 years old to elementary school student

If you join with a friend, both of you will receive a 500 yen book card!


Fieldwork disaster prevention experience facility Sona Area



Craft (kite or planetarium)
Depending on participant age and wishes



Cooking (Ricca)
Let's make a special lunch box!


3/29(Fri) Happy Easter
Ricca/Kiba Park
Egg Paint and Egg Hunt (Treasure Hunt)


Only one transfer can be used for one day of spring school.

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Screenshot 2024-03-12 214358.png

《What is Spring School Special Lesson?》

Ricca whizz-kids academy's seasonal school incorporates many hands-on activities.

With this curriculum as a trigger, through the experience of speaking and playing in English with friends and teachers,

I hope that the children themselves will realize that learning is not just about studying.

On top of that, I want them to feel the importance of communication and the need to learn English,

We hope that this will help motivate your child to learn English.

[STEAM](,,E.ngineering:manufacturing,A.rt: art,M.ath: mathematics)

[CULTURE](Food culture, folk costumes, national flags, geography, etc. of various countries)

      [COMMUNICATION](Cut out and focus on a certain scene in life)


Learn words and expressions that are not found in English textbooks and are not usually encountered,

I will go to fieldwork and actually use it!

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whizz-kids academy

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​Application form for external students

Thank you for your application!

Please wait to hear from the Academy

​If you would like to pick up or drop off, please write in the notes section. The academy will contact you later.

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