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 In Japan, early childhood education will be free from October 2019, and in 2020, programming will be introduced in elementary schools and English will be made compulsory​, marking a major change in children's education. I'm here.

 I believe that early childhood is a very important period that forms the foundation for later development. In neuroscience, it is said that the basic structure of the human brain is almost complete by the age of 3, and the nervous system is almost complete by the age of 6. Each field has a critical period, and it is said that hearing is 4 to 6 years old and neurotransmission such as motor nerves is 6 years old.

I am not in favor of early learning and early education, which means that everything should start early. This is because each has its own timing and individual differences. I think that we should let them learn at the right time while taking steps according to the growth of the mind, body and brain. However, on the other hand, if you overlook the important period before reaching the critical period, and if it is too late to teach the child to learn it, it will be irreversible.

It's often said that children are like sponges, and I think that's true. If the surrounding environment is arranged and encouraged, the child will absorb a lot more and more, but I think what is important is what to let them absorb.

 Also, recently, many foreign tourists and workers have come to Japan, and the Olympics will be held next year, so globalization will further accelerate in the future.

 English has become the common language of the world. Until now, even if you can only speak Japanese, you have been able to live in Japan without feeling any inconvenience. There may have been few opportunities to interact with foreigners. For this reason, there are many Japanese people who are not good at English and foreigners.

However, now, many foreigners are coming to Japan for travel, study abroad, and work. From 2020, English will be introduced as an official subject in elementary schools, and by the time children grow up and go out into the world, it will be normal for them to be able to speak English and be surrounded by people of various nationalities. increase.

In order to survive in such a future age, I would like children to acquire the ability to freely manipulate English, use it skillfully, and communicate with anyone without hesitation, regardless of nationality. . It is possible to train the English brain to think and understand English in English, without translating English and Japanese in the mind, as the brain is flexible and has little awareness of English in early childhood. 


 I decided to launch this academy because I want children who are entering a new era to acquire the "zest for living" that will be the foundation of the future.

 Emotional intelligence quotient EQ has been attracting attention recently, but this is the source of communication ability. Compared to IQ, which has a strong genetic component, EQ can be improved through education. I would like you to acquire the ability to find your own purpose, explore, think and act, cooperate with others, cooperate, take leadership, and express yourself.

I think it would be wonderful if I could use my English and communication skills, think about things from a global perspective, accept each other's cultures and customs with people of various nationalities, and make friends with whom I can share time. .

 We also sincerely hope that we can help lighten the burden of parents who are working and who are worried about childcare and the future of their children.






Greetings from the representative

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September 2019

 Ricca whizz-kids academyrepresentative

Riccalink Inc. CEO


Rumiko Takayasu

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