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Summer school

Morning Class 9:30~13:30
Afternoon Class 14:00~18:00

"event date"


 2 (Mon) 3 (Tue) 5 (Thu) 6 (Fri)

​ 16 (Mon) 17 (Tue) 18 (Wed) 19 (Thu) 20 (Fri)

also during the periodRegular lessons (9:30~13:00/15:00~18:00)

We will start the course!

By combining Summer School Class on the date of attendance,

It is also possible to attend all day (9:30-18:00).

If you want to make up for after school or Saturday class absences to Summer School,

A difference of \2,000 (excluding tax) will be charged.

You can also take private one-on-one lessons.


If you would like to use Summer School or Private Lesson,LINEPlease contact us.

​ *If you take summer school in the morning and have regular lessons in the afternoon, no extension fee will be charged from 13:30 to 15:00.

​ (If you take the summer school in the morning with the difference in the transfer fee, the free extension fee is not applicable.)

At Summer School,

There is no free pick-up support by foot or car.

If you wish, we can respond within 1.5 km,

Nice to meet you as babysitterExtension fee (800 yen)will be charged.

​Please contact us if it exceeds 1.5 kg.

internal students
​Price List

(All prices are excluding tax)

​ *In the morning, lessons will focus on hands-on experiences such as science, arts and crafts, and fieldwork.


\ 20,400


\ 40,800






\ 122,400

​Friends Gift

For those who applied for Summer School with friends,

​ A 1000 yen gift for a book card!


​(when external students invite external students)

​ I will give it to the person who introduced it and the person who was introduced.

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