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Tuition fee (tuition fee)

2023 tuition for website 2023-04-03 165338.png

Teaching material set ¥8,000 (¥8,800 including tax)Varies by class

We will guide you when you step up.

Starting dateschool calendaraccording to

For transfer enrollment,Within the previous month/current month/next monthpossible. (Conditions apply)

Payment4 times/2 times/1 time per yearYou can choose from

(If you wish to pay monthly, please contact us.)

《Extension》 30 minutes 880 yen 

Please contact us for spot extensions and monthly extensions.


《About the use of pick-up and drop-off support》

If you are using an extension or private lesson, the pick-up and drop-off support is not applicable.

Please refer to the attachments "Transportation" and "Application flow" for details on transportation support.


Revised April 2023Ricca whizz-kids academy 

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