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Afterschool course 

Recommendation:2 or more times a week



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 15:00-18:00

Saturday 9:30-12:30​  

(Recommended by class and age​Number of times・Days of the week may vary. )

subject:3age ~ elementary school

  (2-year-old child negotiable)

*Basically, we recommend taking classes at least twice a week, but if you would like to attend once a week, please contact us.

This course is for children who attend nursery schools, kindergartens and elementary schools.

There is also a escort transfer service where the teacher picks you up from the kindergarten or elementary school..

Mainly learning English as a second language.

The class you belong to will be determined by the check test at the time of admission and twice a year.

Depending on your child's proficiency level, we will do the best activities in the best class.

​There is a transfer system in case of absence.

At Ricca whizz-kids academy, classes are divided by individual level, not by age.

It is based on elementary school and kindergarten, not day care such as schoolchildren and nursery schools.Second School" It will be a lesson as a teacher, and bilingual education by double schooling is possible.. regularlyInstructors talk about the level check that is done and the daily situation, and the students are divided into a total of 7 classes.​(Recommended days of the week may vary depending on the class.)

​double schooling​

Japanese at kindergarten, nursery school, and elementary school ​Ricca has English environment

(double schooling)

Becoming truly bilingual in an environment where you can learn both Japanese and English at an age when your brain is developing.

Familiarity with the universal language of English from an early age can greatly expand future possibilities. At our academy, as a second school in English, we aim to improve communication skills to think and express in English, and to make the use of English a daily occurrence. (double schooling) (STEAM education)

​4 skills all improvements

"Speaking" "Hearing (Listening)" "Reading" according to the growth stage"Writing"We aim to improve all 4 skills ​.

level check

Level checks are carried out regularly, and classes and groups are divided according to each individual's needs in order to achieve the optimal level improvement for each individual.ahSome activities may be further grouped by age. As much as possible, we will change the approach according to the individual level, individual speed, and individuality, and provide generous support because it is a small number of people.

​ Cooperation with home

We hold interviews at least twice a year to discuss how your child is doing at the academy, their proficiency level, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they are doing at home.Your child's health, interests, and developmentWe will share and clarify future issues. 

​ Communication skills

We aim to improve communication skills by focusing on presentations, discussions, and relationships with friends so that you can express your opinions without hesitation.

《TIME TABLE》(example)

15:00~30 Door Open & Review time (Sat 9:30)

・ Cheerfully Hello! Good afternoon!

・Preparing luggage and washing hands (Change into a school shirt)

・Check your homework and review your previous work.

(The second child will have a review time from 18:00-30.)

15:30~45 Snack Time  (Sat 11:00)

・Let's eat bread, yogurt, jelly, etc. together

(I will ask you to step forward and give a command.)

15:45~50 Beginning Circle Time  (Sat 9:45)

・Hello Song

・ Q&A and chatting such as How are you?, What day is today? How is the weather today?

・Lectures and chats about themes

15:50-16:30 1st lesson time

(Basically different activities for each class.)  

・Game Time

・Craft Time

・Field work/Park Time

・Storytelling/Read books

・Songs & Dance Time (I sing the lyrics well.)


​・Work sheets time

​・Textbook Time 

16:35~17:05 2nd lesson time (Fun time)

(Basically, different activities are done in each class.)

17:10~17:50 3rd lesson time(Sat 11:40)

(Basically, different activities are done in each class.)

・example: Communication Time Practice phrases that are often used in daily life with teachers and in situations such as shops and hospitals.

17:45~50 Ending Circle Time  (Sat 12:20)

・Today's Review

・Goodbye Song

17:55~ Ready to go home!   (Sat 12:25)

・Put your luggage in your bag and prepare to go home (Toilet)

18:00 See you next timeme!   (Sat 12:30)

<<Second school course tuition fee(Weekday afternoons and Saturdays)

example:3 times a weekhalf a year¥297,000(¥49,500/month)

(In addition, a facility management fee (¥2,200/month) and a snack fee will be charged.)

If you take a break, you can make a change

<<Accompanying transportation support
​weekday afternoon,Nursery schools, kindergartens, and elementary schoolsThe teacher will pick you up directly on the school bus.
If it is difficult to pick you up due to work, etc., we will send you back to your home.

Accompanying transportation support basic areaWelcome(mileage)2km,welcome home(mileage)1.5kmIt is. ​

Please contact us if you are outside the area. There is a limit to the number of people that can be accommodated per day.

​(OptionalPrivate transportation is available for pick-up and drop-off at time and place. )

SaturdayPlease note that there is no attendant transfer support.

​Please contact us for more information.

All tax excluded​ Prices are subject to change. ​​​

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