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Image by Masaaki Komori

​Spring School2022Start accepting applications

3/28 (Mon) 3/29 (Tue) 3/31 (Thu)4/1 (Fri) 4/4 (Mon) 4/5 (Tue)

​(Minimum number of participants: 5) *No transportation support.

8:30-10:00 Early time set

10:00-15:00 Spring School Special Lesson

15:00-18:00   Regular lesson

Target age: 3 years old to elementary school students

​ If you participate with a friend, you will both receive a 1000 yen book card!

《What is Spring School Special Lesson?》

Ricca whizz-kids academy's seasonal school incorporates many hands-on activities.

With this curriculum as a trigger, through the experience of speaking and playing in English with friends and teachers,

I hope that the children themselves will realize that learning is not just about studying.

On top of that, I want them to feel the importance of communication and the need to learn English,

We hope that this will help motivate your child to learn English.

[STEAM](,,E.ngineering:manufacturing,A.rt: art,M.ath: mathematics)

[CULTURE](Food culture, folk costumes, national flags, geography, etc. of various countries)

      [COMMUNICATION](Cut out and focus on a certain scene in life)


Learn words and expressions that are not found in English textbooks and are not usually encountered,

I will go to fieldwork and actually use it!

[Course fee]

Early time set (extended in the morning) 8:30-10:00

¥2,400(¥1,800 for 3 or more applicants)

spring school(Including cost of materials, teaching materials, etc.)

    \12,000 (external)

3 days   \27,600 (内部生)  \34,500 (外部生)

6 days   \ 54,000 (internal) \67,800 (external)


通常レッスン追加 (スポット)     15:00~18:00 


The difference when using the transferred amount for Spring School


Only one transfer can be used for one day of Spring School

(There is no difference if you transfer to a regular lesson)

(During the spring school period, regular lessons cannot be changed.)

Transfer to Spring School (difference required) and transfer to regular lessons is possible.


Regular lessons as usualShuttle service availableis.

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