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International Preschool and Afternoon school
      whizz-kids academy

Ricca whizz-kids academy

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Kiba / Toyocho, Koto-city, Tokyo


《Spring school coming soon

Recruitment starts》​

preschoolcourse Admission in October

Second schoolcourse (afternoon)

Enrollment is possible.


We are looking forward to your inquiry and application for the experience briefing session.

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・Koto Ward, TokyoKiba/Toyocho

   Kiba Station 5 minutes on foot

  8 minutes walk from Toyocho Station

1 minute walk from Toyo 1-chome Toei Bus

・Various students enrolled

first time in englishfrom children ofNationality other than Japanese nationalitystudents ofReturneestudents are also enrolled.(Japanese bilingual teachers will also join the class, so children who are new to English are also safe.)​

Accompanied transfer support

weekday afternoonNursery schools, kindergartens and elementary schoolswelcome to,on your way home"School bus"is available. Please contact us if you wish to do so.

Classification by proficiency (level)

We aim to ensure the growth of children through activities that emphasize individual levels and individuality in a mixed-age, small-group system.

Improving communication skills

Through relationships and presentations with friends and teachers,Outputprovide many opportunities forcommunication abilityWe focus on increasing

​・double schooling” (second school course)

Second school course3 hoursIn the above (3 lessons) English environment,"Japanese"ofElementary school, nursery school, kindergarten,English"s School"Riccaat,bilingual educationis possible.

Pink Sugar

​Voice of parents

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・Since I started going to Ricca, my pronunciation has become surprisingly beautiful! There are more cases where the pronunciation is too good for me to hear, and children teach me the correct pronunciation.


・Until now, I didn't feel any improvement even if I let my child go to other schools, but thanks to the fact that I was able to take care of my child, he spoke English easily at home and seemed to enjoy learning English. became.


・At nursery school, she is shy and reserved, but at Ricca, I am surprised that she actively raises her hand and speaks out. I'm happy that you come back and say "It's fun" every time.


・I feel that the teachers pay more attention to the children than at any other school.


・I was happy to learn how to interact with children of different grades, as there is interaction unique to different age classes as well as English.


・Since I started going to Ricca, I've been able to brag that "I'm good at English!"


・Even during the interview, the teachers were very enthusiastic and talked about my child a lot.


・When I asked about my child's weak points and ideas for overcoming them, even if it was just a little unclear, the teachers worked very hard to explain and talk about my child's future. I would like to keep going as long as possible.


・Even if it's something trivial, like English or making friends, they will listen to you kindly, so you can leave the 3-hour lesson with peace of mind.


・I can feel the love from Ricca because the teachers are happy to take care of me when I step up.


・Thanks to Ricca for helping me open up and giving me many opportunities to express my opinions, the other day I was very moved when I saw him raise his hand and speak at an elementary school.


・"Oops!!", "What?", "Uh-huh." I am looking forward to seeing what I will learn next.


・Seasonal schools try to incorporate children's opinions and respect children's opinions and individuality.

I feel that it is a school that will help you.


・He has been watching me since I was little, so he really understands my children and stays close to me. I believe that Ricca's teachers can take care of any worries, so whenever I hear from my friends that they are looking for an English school, I always recommend Ricca.

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~ Various application and report forms ~

・Trial application

​・Application for short-term lessons and events

・Seasonal School Application

・Eiken Application

・Payment completion report


1-16-8 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Ginza Sakuraya 2nd Building 5F


Riccalink Inc.

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If you are looking for an English class for kids or an international school in Kiba/Toyocho

6 minutes walk from Kiba station 9 minutes walk from Toyocho station
Rikkawiz Kids Academy

“​Ricca whizz-kids academy

If you are looking for an English class for kids or an international school in Kiba, it is a 6-minute walk from Kiba Station and a 9-minute walk from Toyocho Station.Ricca whizz-kids academy Please come to

This is a kids international school where you can learn and think in English in an all-English environment for 3 hours.
It operates as an international preschool in the morning and as an international afternoon school in the afternoon. Recommended for double school (after school) after nursery school, kindergarten, and elementary school.

In the case of children who have not reached the target age, please consult us. Please feel free to contact us.

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