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​​School information session
Trial lesson
Briefing / Free trial lesson


​《Briefing / Free trial lesson》

each time"Limited to 1 group I will say.

​We may not be able to meet your desired schedule, so please make your reservation early.

weekday(except Wednesday)

①16:00~16:40 ②17:00~17:40


①10:00~10:40 ②11:20~12:00

​ each time40About a minute (experience 30 minutes)... is my plans.

​(After the explanation, it is possible for parents to go out and see how their children are doing.)

​Brothers and sisters can also participate, so please let us know their names and ages as well.

​You can come to school by bicycle or stroller.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

[For those who participate, please help us with the following.]

Bring a water bottle and a hand towel / Easy-to-move clothes

Temperature measurement and physical condition check at home / Temperature measurement and hand disinfection at the entrance of the academy / Wearing a mask(3 years old and over)

​If your temperature exceeds 37.5℃, you will not be able to participate.

[Admission decision]

If you decide to enroll, submit the admission application form, and pay the admission fee on the day of the briefing / trial, please pay the admission fee.10% offI will assume.

In addition, we will conduct parent/guardian interviews and skill checks of children before enrollment.

If you decide to enroll on the same day, we may set up an interview on another day.

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