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Friend referral system (Friend referral system)​

    private lesson (90 minutes) ) present 

[Friend referral system]

Ricca whizz-kids academPlease introduce y to your friends!

To you (the referrer) and to each of your friends

 "Private lesson (30 minutes) x 3 lessons (90 minutes)"


Free gift 🎁!

Ricca receives many referrals and recommendations from current students.

For those who introduce their friends to Ricca,3Private lessons for one session (total 90 minutes)the shippingI will give you a present. There are also similar benefits for referred students.

​(Private lessons can also be set up within regular lessons.)

In order to get used to the English environment and foreign teachers, to establish daily lesson content, to overcome weak areas, to improve areas of strength, to follow up on missed lessons, to communicate and build trusting relationships with instructors, etc.Please take advantage of it!

​When introducing a seasonal school,Book coupon (or Amazon gift card) worth 500 yen] will be presented to both parties.


             Ricca whizz-kids academy 

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