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2023 3rdEiken 

Application receptionend

​(Eiken Jr.To apply for .Accepting)

​Implementation location     Ricca whizz-kids​ academy(Semi-venue)

*Eiken preparation courses are available as private lessons.

​(Even after applying for the Eiken test, it is possible to change to taking a mock test/preparation course.)

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2024 英検 検定料.png
2024 第2回 英検 ②.png
Eiken Challenge Campaign.JPG

Applicable only to 2023 semi-venue examinations

EIKEN preparation course

Not a group this timeprivate lessonWe will be holding a countermeasure course starting in December.

1 lesson per week (6 lessons total)(including mock exams)) are the basics.

Since it is private, the content, level, and speed can be tailored to each individual.

[time]14:30-15:00 / 18:00-18:30 / 18:30-19:00  (The time may vary slightly. Thank you for your understanding.)

[Fee]​¥14,500 (¥15,950 including tax)

(Total 6 lessons (including mock exam))

*If you have already received the application form, clickLINE”Please let us know at.

[Mock exam]Friday, January 12th 18:00-19:00(guideline)

¥2,500 (¥2,750 including tax)​

EIKEN application form

​Please register as a friend of the official LINE account below.

(Please write your child's name in the chat before sending.)

  • Line

【 当日のお持物 】

・本人 身分証明書 (マイナンバーカードや保険証、学生証等)











〒135-0016 東京都江東区東陽3-26-17

Garden Terashima 101

​( 東陽町駅 徒歩3分 )

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