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​About payment methods
ohWe recommend bank transfer,
You can also pay by the following methods.



Please read the QR below and pay.When the remittance is completed, be sure to take a screenshot of the approval number page and let us know via LINE.

(Ricca(Merchant)We cannot identify the sender.)

PayPay payment QR Ricca.jpg
2022-12-30 (1).png

・Payment destination account

​Please bear the transfer fee.

Mizuho Bank​ Asakusabashi Branch

Savings account3007244
Account holder f) Rikka Link

・Bring cash

​ Parents/guardians must bring change to Ricca during office hours.

​ If possible, let us know in advance

​(Please note that you cannot receive it when pick-up service is provided.)

​(Ricca does not provide change.)

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