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For children's education and healthy growth, it is very important to learn various things from an early age. Here, Rikka with Kids Academy near Kiba Station introduces the importance of early childhood education and points to consider when choosing an early childhood classroom. If you are worried about choosing a kindergarten classroom in Kiba, please refer to it.

The Importance of Education in Early Childhood and Tips for Choosing a Kindergarten Classroom

◇Importance of education in early childhood
Is it really effective to get an education from an early age? It is said that 80% of the human brain is completed by age 3, 90% by age 6, and 100% by age 12. In addition, it is said that bones, muscles, and nerves grow 80% by the age of 5 and 100% by the age of 12. Getting a variety of education during childhood has a great impact on brain development, muscle development, and nerve development.

Nursery teacher playing with children

However, while education is important in early childhood, it does not mean that children are forced to memorize a lot of things and solve math problems by force. The most important education in early childhood is to stimulate the five senses. The five senses are stimulated by interacting with people through various games and movements. Cultivate the five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and eating, and encourage brain development.

◇ Points to choose an infant classroom! Observation/experience required
The point of choosing a kindergarten classroom is whether the five senses are stimulated or not. Just looking at teaching materials and listening to stories in a small classroom is not the kind of education necessary for early childhood. We recommend that you actually visit the kindergarten classroom and take a trial lesson as well as a tour. The kindergarten classroom is also a place where parents and children can expand the circle of communication. Pick up a few kindergarten classrooms and be sure to participate in tours and trial sessions before deciding.

At Rikka With Kids Academy, which is close to Kiba Station, you can not only learn English naturally with all English, but also activities and rhythmic are included in the curriculum. There are plenty of crafts, and it is possible to stimulate the five senses of children while playing, such as color mixing experiments, field work, and painting. If you are looking for a kindergarten classroom in Kiba, please join us.

Curriculum ishere
Details of the experience briefing sessionhere

Flow of admission to Rikka with Kids Academy

◇1. inquiry
Please contact us by phone or email first.
TEL: 03-6882-5685 / Email:

◇2. Application for trial session
About the schedulehome pageBut I will guide you.

◇3. Participate in a trial session

ABC mark

It is an experience session of about 1 hour. For the first 30 minutes, you can see the child's lesson scenery, and for the remaining 30 minutes, we will explain to the parents. In the meantime, let the kids have fun with crafts and more.

◇4. Application for admission
On the spot or at a later date is fine. You will need your ID, seal, and tuition fee. Please note that the number of payments will vary, so please contact us.

◇ 5. Finally join the lesson!
Basically, only children will participate in lessons from the first time.

Rikka With Kids Academy provides detailed support. In addition to interviews and reports, communication through contact notes is also possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time by phone, email, or in person.

Tours and experiences are also possible! For small-group preschool classes, go to Rikka with Kids Academy near Kiba Station

If you would like a small English class, please come to Rikka with Kids Academy near Kiba Station. Lessons are held in small groups of 12 people per class and 2 instructors. In addition, since activities are conducted in small groups of 5 to 6 people, generous support is possible.

We have an experience briefing session so that even first-timers can feel at ease. There is no age limit for children to participate in the experience briefing session. Brothers and sisters are welcome to participate as well.

Contact ushere

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If you are looking for an early childhood classroom in Kiba, go to Rikka with Kids Academy

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