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[Kiba/Preschool] Ricca with Kids Academy's approach to safety and security and the flow of the day All English classes are held on Saturdays! Briefing session available

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"I want to send my child to preschool, but I'm not sure what kind of place it is..." "What kind of things are actually done at preschool?" , there may be more than a few people who are reluctant to participate in preschool.

In this article, Rikka with Kids Academy, a preschool that offers all-English lessons in Kiba, introduces their safety and security initiatives and the flow of their day. Parents who want to know more about preschools and who are looking for preschools around Kiba, please take a look. At Rikka With Kids Academy, lessons are held on Saturdays, and briefing sessions are held one after another.

Efforts to ensure safety and security at Rikka with Kids Academy

Tragic incidents and accidents are often reported in the news, and efforts to ensure safety and security are very important even in the field of early childhood education. Kiba's preschool Rikka with Kids Academy also implements various initiatives so that parents can attend lessons with peace of mind.

◇ Crime prevention and safety measures
When taking a walk, choose the safest route possible and arrange a large number of teachers. I try to lead them while paying attention to the surrounding environment as well as the children.

Children lying down in line


◇Hygiene and measures against infectious diseases
We thoroughly wash our hands when entering the room. Hand-washing is said to be the basis for infection control. Children are full of curiosity and touch various things to train their five senses. There is a risk that pathogenic microorganisms may adhere to hands and enter the body through the nose and mouth, so when entering the room, we make it a habit to thoroughly wash our hands and gargle. Similarly, we thoroughly disinfect our toys to prevent dirt and pathogens from adhering to them.

◇Emergency measures
A child may suddenly develop a fever, even though he or she was fine a few hours ago. In such an emergency, after contacting and confirming with the guardian, it is possible to take the child to a nearby pediatrician. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


A day at Rikkawiz Kids Academy

Introducing the day-to-day flow of Rikkawith Kids Academy, an all-English preschool.

◇15:00 free time
First of all, we will start with free time so that you can relax. There are toys for children, so let's play freely.

◇15:15 snack time

ABC blocks

Children's favorite snack time is essential every day.
We often serve yoghurt for health reasons and senbei rice crackers for chewing.

◇15:30 circle time
During circle time, everyone will have a discussion. Starting with greetings, we talk about what happened today and the weather.

◇16:00 work/activity time
It's time to learn while having fun. Work using teaching materials, games, art, painting, flashcards, reading picture books, walking, etc. will vary depending on the day.

◇17:00 Creative Development
It's time to move your body and nourish your creativity. It is very important for brain development and healthy growth.

◇17:45 Looking back on today
To reflect on today's lesson, the teacher and the children ask, "What did you do today? What is this?" Everyone sings a goodbye song and prepares to say goodbye.

◇Ends at 18:00
All English Kiba Preschool Rikka with Kids Academy incorporates a variety of curriculums every day. We will support healthy growth while stimulating children's curiosity, such as flexibility exercises, mat exercises, do-re-mi exercises, color experiments, and field work. We also have lessons on Saturdays.

We also have a briefing session, so please feel free to apply. Briefing session schedulehereYou can check from

Rikka with Kids Academy is an all English preschool in Kiba! Saturday lessons and briefings too!

At Preschool Rikka with Kids Academy, which is a 5-minute walk from Kiba Station, you can choose the number of courses that suit your convenience. Classes are held once a week, up to five times a week, and even on Saturdays. Would you like to improve not only your English skills but also your self-expression and thinking skills at an all-English international school?

Please feel free to contact us for information sessions. Individual correspondence is also possible when it is not convenient.

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If you are looking for a preschool in Kiba, go to Rikka with Kids Academy

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