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[Koto Ward, Early Childhood Classroom] About Eurhythmics Benefits and costs of learning Eurhythmics

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Even if you have heard the word "eurhythmics" in the guidance of early childhood classes, there are many people who do not know what it is specifically and want to know what benefits there are in learning it. In this article, Rikka with Kids Academy, an English preschool school in Koto Ward, introduces the basics of eurhythmics and the benefits of learning eurythmics. If you are looking for an early childhood classroom in Koto Ward, please refer to it.

What is Rhythmic?

Eurhythmics is one of the early childhood education that learns music using the whole body rather than just listening to the performance. It was originally intended for people majoring in music, but it was found to be very effective not only in music but also in developing children's abilities, so it spread as a part of early childhood education. Recently, the image of developing abilities through music rather than learning music has become stronger.

◇Rhythmic Elements

singing girl

They move in time with the music, and express what they feel through their movements.
Use your whole body to take notes and sing songs.
Express something freely on the spot according to the music.

In the Eurhythmics class, students learn to express themselves by moving their bodies to the changes in sounds and rhythms, and in the Music class, they learn to express their feelings through music. Also, in dance classes, you learn choreography that matches the music, so it differs from rhythmic dance, which involves a lot of self-expression.

Rhythmics are said to be suitable for early childhood education, but in fact, they can be started even with babies, and there are maternity rhythms for pregnant women. Eurhythmics divides the optimal curriculum according to age.

◇Rhythmic curriculum
・0 to under 1 year old
The focus is not on the baby moving itself, but on papa and mama touching it to the music, like a baby massage.
・1 to 3 years old
Students begin by watching and imitating the teacher's movements, gradually gaining the ability to improvise and express themselves.
・4 to 5 years old
Learn movement, solfege and improvisation while taking rhythms and using musical instruments.

Eurhythmics are very effective in developing the abilities of infants. If you are looking for an early childhood classroom in Koto Ward, please contact Rikka with Kids Academy where you can also learn eurhythmics.

Benefits of learning Rhythmics

◇ Stimulate the brain
Eurhythmics not only listens to music but also moves the body at the same time, stimulating the right and left hemispheres of the brain and having a positive impact on brain development.

◇Improve hearing and sense of rhythm
By listening to a lot of music, you will be able to distinguish sounds. You will be able to accurately grasp the rhythm and acquire the sensibility necessary for playing musical instruments.

child showing half his face from below

◇Improve motor skills
Eurhythmics encourage physical activity, which is necessary in early childhood, and lead to the improvement of motor skills.

◇ Ability to communicate
In the Eurhythmics class, you will often express yourself with your friends, and you will naturally acquire the ability to express your feelings while respecting each other.

◇Improve concentration
Eurhythmics require you to listen carefully to the sounds of music and instruments, which naturally trains your concentration.
In addition, you can expect to improve your imagination, expressiveness, and social skills by learning Eurhythmics. Rikka With Kids Academy, an infant classroom in Koto Ward, also has an Eurhythmics instructor.

Lecturer introduction of Rikka with Kids Academyhere

Rikka with Kids Academy is an early childhood classroom where you can learn eurhythmics in Koto Ward! About the cost

Eurhythmics, which can be learned in a fun way from an early age, is highly recommended for children's healthy physical development and development of various abilities.

If you are looking for an early childhood classroom in Koto Ward, please leave it to Rikka with Kids Academy, where you can learn eurhythmics in English. The cost of attending Rikkawith Kids Academy depends on how many times a week you attend.

As an example, we will show you the tuition fee for two times a week.
6 months (48 times/144h)    ¥216,000
3 months (24 times/72h)    ¥114,000
1 month (8 times/24h)    ¥42,000

For more information on costs for other courses, please see our Course Fee Schedule. Rikka with Kids Academy Tuition Listhere

At Rikkawith Kids Academy, we provide an environment where children can learn while having fun, with exercises and a variety of other activities besides rhythms.

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