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Recommended information for those who are worried about choosing kids' English classes and after school in Kiba! Q&A to Rikkawiz Kids Academy

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Are there any parents who are worried about choosing a kids English class or after school in Kiba? Even if you want your child to attend a lesson or class, there are probably more than a few parents who find it difficult to decide which class is best for them, or whether they should be taught only in English. Therefore, this time, we will introduce frequently asked questions about Rikka with Kids Academy. If you are worried about choosing a kids English class or after school in Kiba, please refer to it.

Recommended information for looking for kids English classes and after school! Frequently Asked Questions & Answers at Rikkawiz Kids Academy

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Rikka with Kids Academy as recommended information for finding English classes and afterschools for kids in Kiba.

◇Q:Is it okay to speak Japanese between the instructor and parents?
A: Either is fine.

◇Q: At what age should I start English education?
A: The sooner the better. You can join our school from 1 and a half years old.

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◇ Q: I am over 3 years old, is it too late to start?
A: It's never too late. From the age of 3, the output will increase greatly.

◇Q: Can I join in the middle of the month or the middle of the season?
A: Yes. It is also possible to pay by calculating the number of times per day, so please contact us.

◇Q:Isn't there too much of a difference if you're in the same class as the child you've been doing since you were little?
A: We are planning to start organizing classes by level from April 2020. The current situation is to separate groups within the same class.

◇Q: What is the difference between a class taught by a Japanese teacher and a class taught by a foreign teacher?
◇A: There are no classes that only Japanese students are in charge of. All classes are all English classes taught by foreign and bilingual teachers.

◇Q: Do parents also take trial lessons?
A: Parents and guardians are welcome to observe.

◇Q:Can I take the test with my friends?
A: Welcome.

◇ Q: Is it okay for children who can't sit still?
A: Kids are restless, so no worries!

◇ Q: I have a brother. Is it okay if I bring him?
A: You can come with your parents or siblings during the experience. Babies can also participate in the experience.

◇ Q: If you don't do it at home, will you get results?
A: It doesn't mean that you can't get results because you don't do it.

◇ Q: How should I follow up at home?
A: Please try incorporating CDs, picture books, etc. to create an environment that will make you like English.

◇ Q: How long will it take to see results?
A: It depends on the child, but about 3 months.

◇ Q: Do you stay seated during the lesson? Don't you have exercise?
A: We incorporate yoga, physical games, and other activities.

◇Q: If I miss a lesson, can I have a make-up lesson?
A: Yes. If you are absent due to poor physical condition or unavoidable circumstances, you can make up for the next month.

◇Q:Can I see how the lesson is going? Do you have visiting days?
A: For the sake of children, it is better to proceed with lessons in an environment where parents are not present, but if you have any concerns, please contact us.

◇Q:I am working as a couple. Do you have classes on Saturdays, Sundays, or late at night?
A: We have Saturday classes. In the afternoon class, if it is difficult to pick up and drop off because both parents work, we can pick up and drop off at our academy.

◇Q: I am a returnee. Do you have classes?
A: There are children of foreign nationality, so classes will be divided by level.

◇ Q: When should I notify you if I want to withdraw?
A: Please let us know by the end of the month before.

◇ Q: I withdrew from the membership, but I would like to resume it.
A: Yes. Please contact us by phone.

◇Q: If the kindergarten is closed due to natural disasters, etc., what will happen to Rikka with Kids Academy lessons?
A: It will be a transfer. We will inform you by LINE or email.

◇Q:I would like to pick you up by car.Is there a parking lot?
A: Yes, but please use nearby coin parking.

◇Q: I'm worried about having a small child pay monthly fees and text fees, but how should I pay each month's fees?
A: Course fees are paid for 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. We have you bring to classroom to transfer or parent.

Rikka with Kids Academy is an English school for children located near Kiba Station. If you have any questions or consultations other than the above, please feel free to contact us.

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If you want to attend an English class for children in Kiba, Rikka with Kids Academy

If you would like to send your child to a children's English class in Kiba, please consider Rikka with Kids Academy.

Rikka with Kids Academy is an English school for children located 6 minutes on foot from Kiba Station. We teach English in a small group of 12 students per class. It is highly recommended for preschool, nursery school, kindergarten, and after school after elementary school. If you are considering joining a kids English class in Kiba, please feel free to contact us.

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